If nothing is in harmony with your standard, you are forced to create a new.

Thinking of sneakers, I am floating between a kind of love-hate feeling to what they commonly represent.

Because they become, despite the attempts of high-end interpretations or through decoration trying to achieve a feminine outlook, quickly a choice, that should never be: The choice of the practical. And let’s be honest, if the practicality prevails over the beautiful, you easily look as if you had lost control of your life.

I almost gave up on the idea of ever owning a pair of nice sneakers and walked through life on loafers or heels, mostly rare Italian vintage finds, somehow filled with a touch of envy towards the men for whom a world of exciting new sneakers had opened up over the past years. A world of sneakers more qualitative, elegant and equipped with technical refinements, normally reserved for a fine men’s dress shoe, but translated into the minimalist sportive. Unfortunately for women like me there was only the one option: the same shoes in smaller sizes. If you’d ask me, it was just men’s shoes on women’s feet and they didn’t seem to be doing the same thing.

Since I always looked for the new in the old, I stumbled over some models of vintage canvas tennis shoes from the sixties that really amazed me. They were sneakers alright, but by their sleek and slightly pointed shape they carried all elements of an elegant and feminine shoe. No unnecessary decoration or detail was needed to make clear that this shoe belonged to women’s feet. The idea developed to translate this vintage shoe through modern technic and quality standards into the shape of today and to finally create the sneaker that I myself want to wear.

The shoe and clothing industry is overfilled, mostly short-lived and often unreflecting, one trend chasing the next. However, what wants to be timeless must be of high-quality. I soon realised that I wanted to have the development and production of this shoe in trusted hands. In a country that stands for the highest quality standards and the superiority of artisan skills. Hand in hand with specialists in mold making, technical shoe- and last making and local rubber chemistry, we reinvented this shoe from the bottom up new. Handmade in Germany since 2017.

The result is SPITZ.

The sneaker that truly combines comfort and elegance.

SPITZ is a member of the Fashion Council Germany.