Perfection knows many angles, ours is the aesthetic, quite so demanding an execution that is perfect.

The aesthetics of the shoe comes first, but by no means this implies that we did not think thoroughly about comfort and quality. In close cooperation with the experienced shoe technicians and craftsmen of the German shoe industry we have developed a completely hand-made sneaker that respects the wearer’s comfort by fit and quality, without compromising on aesthetics and shape.

We are proud of all the manufacturers full of heritage, whose components and materials are processed in our shoe. Therefore we want to share these sources in full transparency. The label “Made in Germany” means more than just a country for production – it stands for the love for detail, uncompromising quality requirements and great respect for craftsmanship.


Upper Leatherdepends on model, all our upper leather suppliers produce in Europe
Leather LiningEcopell vegetably tanned calf leather
InsoleArneplant Arneflex breathable and anti allergic insole
Rubber SoleOK Gummiwerk natural rubber sole
Stitching YarnAmann & Söhne Serafil ET 60 und ET 10
ShoelacesCarl Klostermann CKS Modell 3948